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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

- John 8:32

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Complete Deliverance Ministries Inc. is a faith based organization with a focus on deliverance from the habits and mindset that bind us to addiction. Through biblical instruction, we explore techniques that reach beyond the standard steps recommended by AA and NA, that lead to a positive transformation from our formal selves. Complete deliverance is the total renewal of our minds that allow us to become new creatures through Christ.


Our mission is to aid the individual in the reduction of substance abuse and other addictions through the use of biblical principles and instructions, (faith, obedience, practices). We also strive to enhance the social functioning of individuals and families as well as the community.


Pastor Willis A. Walker

Complete Deliverance Ministries, also known as C.D.M., was founded in October of 1999 by Willis A. Walker after God gave him a vision of reaching out to those who are bound up in all forms of addiction. He has served as Founder & President of C.D.M., a church without walls, for over 20 years eventually becoming its Pastor. God has blessed the ministry with a telecast on Access Cable Television for over 18 years, eventually becoming available in both Niagara and Erie county. Pastor Walker's outreach through C.D.M. includes the Lockport County Jail and the Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission in addition to lessons and seminars across Western New York and Southern Ontario, Canada.


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