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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

- John 8:32

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The Foundations To Establish Your Heart

Promises are yes and AMEN.
·        My Word shall not return void.

·        Isaiah 55:11         Numbers 23:9     Psalms 118:39

Your faith overcomes the world.                   1 John 5:4

·        Satan and his demons

·        Every attack.

·        No weapon.

·        You cannot be defeated, ever.

·        You must co-operate.

·        Only one who finds trouble (defeat) is one who wants to.


All power has been given to Jesus and in His name.  Matthew 28:18 & 19

·        Name of Jesus gives you an audience with the Father.

·        John 16:33

In the Name of Jesus = in His place we come.